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Daily Blog Post: January 27th

Today’s Theme: What Pokemon Town Would I want to live in?

This is a super tough question! Do I kick it old school and say Pallet town or New Bark Town? Or maybe I go for the huge towns like Castelia? I had it narrowed down to two regions. I either wanted to live in Johto or Sinnoh. Still, as I’m typing this, I am flip flopping between so many cities. Even Lilycove and Lavaridge from Hoenn and Cerulean from Kanto were high on my list.

So which is my favorite:  Goldenrod

This was very cool back in the day. If I’m not mistaken it had a game corner you could kill time. It had a pokemon center, pokemon mart, and a gym to keep you busy. Sure, it could spring from a contest hall. Another plus, it’s in walking distance of Azalea and Ercuteak, two cool cities. I think we all know the saling point though. It had a huge radio tower! Yeah, it was so cool that Oak would come and do his program through it. I always loved that. It also got used in a side mission to rescue it from Team Rocket. The other high point is that it had a train. Yeah, this was the big one for me because I can easy get to Kanto thanks to it. That is always a plus. So living in Golden Rod means sweet vacations.

One of the minuses that stands out is the lack of history. Violet town and Ercuteak have their towers. Azalea has it’s slowpoke well and Blackthorn has the dragon’s cave. The Unown cave is even close by. So it does suck in a region so dedicated to history and lore, Goldenrod gets the short end of the stick, but hey. No other Johto town has a magnet train!

There’s lots of little stuff too. Like Bill’s house, the tunnel, The Name Rater, and the flower shop to name a few.

So what’s your favorite town/where would you live if you moved to a pokemon region. It’s a fun question. Put some thought into what town offers the most to you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Check back tomorrow for more Daily Blog!