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Spread Awareness: October

Hey Guys! Its a new month so it’s time to spread awareness for October.

It’s that month where we dress up in all the things that scare us: Demons, devils, ghost, and monsters. But the scariest thing of all is the unknown. In October we raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Breast cancer claims so many lives it is beyond frightening. Breast cancer will undoubtedly get the most coverage this month so lets take the time to spread the word of other cancers and diseases this month.

Breast Cancer  Breast Cancer

Liver Cancer  Liver Cancer

Other Causes:

Down Syndrome DSA

Bullying Prevention Bullying Prevention

Domestic Violence DVM

So Spread The Word, Reblog this post, write your own blog. Do your part to help raise awareness to these causes. If I missed one leave it in the comment section!