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Daily Blog Challenge: January 9th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Fire Pokemon

Yes we’ve hit that part of the blog where the next two weeks will be my favorite pokemon of a certain type. I will try to stay away from legendaries. Dual types are not allowed.

Now I’m starting with fire because it is one of my least favorite types. Most of it’s memorable characters are final forms of starters or legendary pokemons. When I look outside of those I have a hard time naming a truly great pokemon. I do like Magmortar a good bit and Arcanine is a very noble Pokemon. I’ve narrowed it down to three but it is really hard to pick between one of them.

Those three are:

Blaziken would probably be my favorite if the dual rule was not in effect. Typholsion is a very cool pokemon, I enjoy the whole cyndaquil line.

Chimchar might actually be one of my favorite pokemon in general. It’s true he did not crack my top five list originally, but upon giving him more thought he is so delightful. Monkey’s are amongst my favorite animals in real life. So take that monkey and give him the ability to shoot fire and now we’re talking! Not to mention he evolves into another awesome pokemon. Infernape is a legit dude who, himself gets stuck in the dual typing no-no. While I believe Blaziken is the superior fire/fighter, I think Chimchar is heads and shoulders above Torchic.

Some Honorable Mention:

So, whose your favorite fire pokemon and why? Let me know in the comment section?

Daily Blog Challenge: January 6th

Today’s Theme: Which Region Had The Best Starters?

This might be the hardest one I’ve done so far, because I genuine feel like every generation has had great starters.

So which generation do I pick? Hoenn.

It was hard to pass to up the original three off nostalgia alone. Squirtle is my favorite and Charmander is everyone else and well…, Bulbasaur is there.

Or Johto, where Swagigatr was boss and everyone loved Typhlosion.

My most memorable set of starters were Sinnoh’s. I put the most time into the Sinnoh games and that was when I when I was coming into my own as a pokemon trainer. Great times.

So why do I give it to Hoenn? A region I frequently rate as one of the weaker regions? I like that they finally made the grass pokemon relevant. Treeko and his family line are some of the coolest pokemons in the whole series. Blaziken is super overpowered and who can forget “I heard you liek mudkips”? It was the first time I felt l had to think about which starter I wanted instead of just picking water by default. Treeko set a bar for grass pokemon that I dont think has quite been reached. Snivy was cool though.

So while none of the starters are particularly the best or even the coolest starters. I feel like Hoenn gave you a challenge for a change. Yes, Blaziken was incredible powerful, but Treeko’s line and Mudkip’s line were great as well.

What’s your favorite generation? The OG’s or maybe you’re into the new ones. Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!