Daily Archives: November 19, 2021

Thanksgiving’s Holiday Traditions.

Here in the States Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. Id love to hear your guys traditions. I’m sure for the most part it’s gathering around the table and eating food with loved ones. But I’m also sure you guys have some crazy habits. One of our customers invited us to his Magic the Gathering themed Thanksgiving called Brommander Night. A night where him and his friends get together to cookout and play Commander (the Magic the Gathering format). They do this once a month and since it is November, him and his friends are making a Thanksgiving tradition out of it. Pretty cool, honestly.

Since I have to see both my mom and dad, I don’t really do a lot at either house. I just try to enjoy them and see them as everyone has off that day.

So feel free to comment down below between special dishes or family games what your family does. I’d love to hear them all.