My AP Top 10 Rankings (NCAAF College Football Rankings!)

So, I work and don’t get home until late on Sundays, so it is easier for me to do a top 10. This is my rankings and my thoughts. They will be different than the actual AP Top 10 Rankings.

#1 Alabama

Alabama continues to be the only team in the country without a flaw. They play Florida next week. If they dismantled Miami and beat a respectable Florida team, they will have earned that #1 ranking.

#2 Georgia

Say what you want about Georgia’s offense but they were clicking last week against UAB. Georgia has an easy schedule for a while until they have to square off against rivals Florida and Auburn. Georgia has arguably the best defense in the country and that will carry them while they figure out the Quarterback position. They also have the best win in the country.

#3 Oklahoma

Oklahoma got all they could handle last week against Tulane but bounced back against WCU to the tune of 76-0. So far, OU has not faced much competition and won’t for a while considering Iowa State and Texas both got manhandled last week. We will see if OU’s high flying offense is still soaring when Nebraska comes to town next week.

#4 Oregon

I went back and forth on if I wanted to move Oregon all the way to 4th. But here they are. They claimed the second best win of the season beating Ohio State at Ohio State 35-28. They were sleep walking last week against Fresno State but redeemed themselves last week. The Pac 12 as a whole got wrecked with Colorado, USC, and Utah all falling. UCLA remains as a potential quality win down the road.

#5 Iowa

Iowa is one of the few teams who has already claimed the corpses of two ranked teams beating a formerly ranked Indiana and a ranked ISU team. That’s impressive enough to me to move them to number 5. Clemson lacks a lot of signature win potential while the Big 10 is chalk full of teams for Iowa to boost their resume.

#6 Clemson

Clemson at 6 is more indictive of Oregon and Iowa more so than Clemson. Clemson has a very respectable lose even if they did not look great in said loss. There’s really not much more to add until we see Clemson continually dominate the ACC.

#7 Penn State

I could list them at #6 based off their accomplishments but I’ll leave them here for now. They beat a ranked Wisconsin team in Week 1 before beating up on unranked Ball State. I’d like to see Penn State do it again against elite competition before I move them any higher for now.

#8 Cincinnati

The knock against Cincinnati will be their schedule. That certainly limits their ceiling when Georgia and Oregon are out claiming signature wins. Still, Cincinnati should be favored in all their games this season and will need to blow out opponents and hope for some upsets along the way.

#9 Texas A and M

Texas A and M is a good team. However, they did not travel well to Colorado. Their starting QB got hurt and they barely survived. We will see how long Texas A and M can withstand their schedule as the season gets tougher and tougher from here on out.

#10 Ohio State

Ohio State and Regular Season Upsets… name a more iconic duo. But in all seriousness, Ohio State just seems like a team that will get better as the season goes on. They have a Freshman QB who will only get smarter as the season goes on. This team feels like last years Oklahoma team. Where they are far more talented than most teams they will play, but they will be sloppy and let some games get away from them. It will be fun to see if they can rebound against what might end up being a loaded Big 10 this year.

So that’s my top 10. What did you guys think? Whose in your top 10? Honestly, I just have no room for Notre Dame anymore. Florida could crash the party next week if they upset Alabama. Stay tuned for weekly updates!

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