Top Five Pokemon’s That Need an Evolution

Coming at you guys late today for personal reasons. But lets dive on in. This is a fun one.

Ever saw a pokemon and thought “Man. That pokemon is dumb, weak, or maybe even has potential?” Yeah. Me too. Here’s a list of pokemon that could use a touch up, or have potential if they could just get the evolve form they need or deserve.

*DISCLAIMER*- I made up some abilities and moves I think could go along with the pokemon.

#5- Eevee- I know what youre thinking, eevee already has like 7 evolutions, do we really need more? Yes! I say at least 2 more. Whenever they do the newest installment, I want a poison Eevee and a steel Eevee to be some of the highlights of the game. I think they can pull this off well too. In 4th gen and 1st gen, the baddies loved poison types from skunks to bats. Poison Eevee could be the head boss’s pokemon. A little ways into the game, you could be given an Eevee with  a held item that would evolve it into a steel form(No, not metal. Okay, maybe.). My girlfriend wants them to do dragon and flying next.

Lets take a look at Eevee:
Type: Normal
Ability: Adaptability, Anticipate, Run Away.
HP 55, Attack 55, Defense 50, SP ATK 45, SP DEF 65, SPD 55= 325 Base Total

Here’s what the poison evolve form would look like:
Type: Poison
Abilities: Rancorous(all poison moves have an additional 10% chance to poison opponent) Poison Point and Natural Cure.
HP 115, Attack 70, Defense 70, SP ATK 90, SP DEF 105, SPD 115= 565 Base Total
It’s signature move would be Rancor Blast a 100 base Poison move that has “25% chance to poison opponent. 50% chance to poison steel types”

Here’s what the steel evolve form would look like:
Type: Steel
Abilities: Tough Armor( Reduces Fighting and Ground moves by 50%), Heat Proof.
HP  100, ATK 155, DEF 135, SP ATK 60, SP DEF 70, SPD 50= 570 Base Total

#4- Corsola/Qwilfish- Okay, so I like Corsola, but its stats make it forgettable. I am not sure what the design would look like, but I am thinking stat wise we make it rival Cloyster. It might be a stretch, but I feel it should turn into a water fairy when it evolves. Fairies are weak to fire, but with a water type, that handles that. Now on to Qwilfish. Two of my favorite types combined into one pokemon. Lets face it very few people are excited to have tentacool/tentacruel, or Skelp. Qwilfish’s evolution would be an awesome sweeper

Here’s what Corsola looks like:
Type: Water  Rock
Abilities: Hustle, Natural Cure, Regenerator.
HP 55, ATK 55, DEF 85, SP ATK 65, SP DEF 85, SPD 35= 380 Base Total

Here’s what the evolve form would look like
Type: Water Fairy
Abilities: Blessed(Holy?) Armor (All moves that would be super effective to your team now restore your health instead), Shell Armor.
HP 70, ATK 85, DEF 45, SP ATK 95, SP DEF 180, SPD 70= 545 Base Total
It’s signature move would be Blessed Veil(If hit by a super effective move, raise DEF and SP DEF by one stage)

Here is what Qwilfish looks like:
Type: Water Poison
Abilities: Intimidate, Poison Point, Swift Swim
HP 65, ATK 95, DEF 75, SP ATK 55, SP DEF 55, SPD 85= 430 Base Total

Here’s what Qwilfish’s evolve form would look like:
Type: Water Poison
Abilities: Intimidate, Swift Swim, Rancorous
HP 90, ATK 125, DEF 90, SP ATK 75, SP DEF 75, SPD 115= 570 Base Total
It’s signature move is Gunk Shot.

Stunfisk is kinda in that group of Feebas and Magikarp, useless fishies. Albeit, Stunfisk would be the best standalone. He does lack one thing that makes Feebas and magikarp superior- They EVOLVE, he DOES NOT. Lets fix that.

Here’s a look at Stunfisk:
Type: Electric Ground
Abilities: Limber Static Sand Veil
HP 109, ATK 66, DEF 84, SP ATK 81, SP DEF 99, SPD 32= 471 Base Total

Here’s a look at what the evolve form would look like:
Type- Electric Ground
Abilities- Intimidate Lightning Rod Rock Head Reckless
HP 125, ATK 105, DEF 90, SP ATK 81 , SPD 99, SPD 40= Its base stats equal 540, the equivalent of Gyrados and Milotic’s base stats.
Its Signature move would be Shock Tremors a base 120 Ground move that has “Take 1/3 recoil damage, 20% chance to paralyze opponent”

#2- Maractus-
So, I have no memory of this pokemon ever existing. Stat-wise she has great Sp ATK. Design-wise I guess she is suppose to fit in with the other 3 cactus pokemon. I have an idea for what to do with her moving forward. We give her a dark type an introduce a new “weather” condition, the ability to make it night time during battle, increasing dark moves and lowering fairy moves(maybe fire moves as well since they get boosted by sunny day?).

Lets take a look at Maractus:
Type: Grass
Abilities: Chlorophyll Storm Drain Water Absorb
HP 75, ATK 86 DEF 67, SP ATK 106, SP DEF 67, SPD 60= 461 Base Total

Lets take a look at what the evolve form would look like:
Type: Grass Dark
Abilities: Silent (Raise speed and attack during the night) Stealth (Raise Speed and SP ATK during the night)
HP 85, ATK 115, DEF 75, SP ATK 125, SP DEF 75, SPD 105= 580 Base Total
Its signature move would be Nightfall(Makes it night, inside and outside of battle). Though this move is better suited on say Umbreon, this could be a way to showcase the move. I also thought about making it an ability like drizzle.


Combee gets a split evolution into Vespiking! Luvdisc its stats are miserable for a standalone poke. I think Whisicott and Lilligant could use third forms. They feel incomplete compared to Leavanny even though they arent that far behind stat-wise. Basculin would probably have an awesome evolve form. I feel like they just kinda quit on him.

#1- Dunsparce-
Dunsparce is maybe my favorite pokemon who is kinda bad. I have dreamed of over a decade to make this thing evolve. I want to make it a snake/dragon pokemon, so I am conflicted on typing. I am debating either Dragon/Poison, Dragon/Dark. If we drop the dragon idea and just make a bigger snake than I am debating Poison/Dark, Poison/Ground, Poison/Rock. But I am going with Dragon/Poison making it only the second pokemon with this typing(Dragalge).

Here’s a look at Dunsparce:
Type: Normal
Abilities: Rattled Run Away Serene Grace
HP 100, ATK 70, DEF 70, SP ATK 65, SP DEF 65, SPD 45= 415 Base Total

Here’s a look at the evolve form:
Type: Dragon Poison
Abilities: Rancorous, Levitate, Inner Focus(Cloud Nine/Speed Boost?)
HP 135, ATK 130, DEF 130, SP ATK 60, SP DEF 95, SPD 50= 600, the equivalent of Dragonite, Garchomp, and Salamance.
It’s signature move would be Rancor Tempest a base 120 Dragon move that has “this move as a 25% chance of poisoning opponent)

There you have it! Do you know anymore pokemons that deserve or need an evolution? Leave them in the comments!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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