Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Summer anime is here and I am so happy! Now I will not be reviewing these summer animes like other ones(such as my food war review). This means I will not rate them on a scale of 1-10, but rather how much I was into it and if im interested in continuing onward. So without further ado, our look at Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Rokka: Braves of the Six is an anime based off a light novel and manga both written by Ishio Yamagata, light novel is illustrated by Miyagi and the manga is illustrated by  Kei Toru. The anime is ran through Passione Studio and is directed by Takeo Takahasi.

So earlier I ranked this anime number 4 on my watch list this summer.

Spoilers: Some stuff does indeed happen in the first episode that obviously affects the future episodes. Spoilers will just pertain to the episode but will not ruin the series moving onward.

Plot: So, the first episode has a chunk of exposition which is expected. The legend goes that a demon god awoken and started killing vast numbers of people. The god of fate summons the Brave Six to fight the Demon God. It is noted that this has happened two other times in the past. In present day, fiends begin showing up and killing the former braves. The characters have reason to believe the demon god will awaken again during the year. Instead of waiting for the Brave Six to be announced, one man tries to earn his spot. That brings us to the beginning of episode one.

Characters: So far we have only been introduced to two of the six, so those will be the only two characters I write about.
First up, Adlet Mayer. He is the self-proclaimed “World’s Strongest Man”. He interrupts a very important fight and demands that both fighters now fight him. He wins, but is thrown in a dungeon. Later, the goddess of fate elects him to be one of the brave six. This is where we meet our second Brave- Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra. She is more of a spellcaster, as opposed to Adlets brute gimmicks. She bust him out of the dungeon and not much more is learned of her other than those two big things. So we’re left not knowing entirely too much about this generation of braves right now. The episode does end with them riding off to meet up with the others.

Setting: The setting is set in a fantasy-like world full of magic, demons, and questery spirited people. I do not believe it gives a set time period, though a get a fairly old vibe from the dungeon, the fact they use horseback, and even the art displayed in the show I dont believe is a modern style. But I cant be certain, of course.

Recap: A pleasant start to my summer anime watching. I have watched some other ones, so I can say this one wasn’t my favorite, but as far as me watching episode two, I will probably definitely watch it. I am interested in meeting the four remaining braves as well as the fiends and the demon god. I’ll shortly break down more specific categories
Action: Okay. Definitely see this part improving has the series goes on
Romance: None that I could detect so far.
Story: Interesting enough to make me want to see what happens next
Characters: The only one we’ve explored so far is Adlet and even that wasn’t extensive
The World: Pretty average fantasy world so far, has potential to be flushed out more.
Humor: Definitely not the funniest, but it has its moments.

Verdict: Has Potential to be very good.

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